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I love Porsche.......and more......


My name is Anders and I live in a small village called Örnsköldsvik
situated in the middle of Sweden. You may or may not know that the
country of Sweden is located in Scandinavia, northern Europe.
There are about nine (9) million people living here.

Being in a far north region, the Swedish Seasons consist of: a 3-month
Summer (about +20 Celsius) when you can experience the Midnight Sun,
2-month Autumn, 5-month Winter (-20 Celsius), and a 2-month Spring.

I was born 21 November 1959 in Örnsköldsvik and have lived there pretty
much all my life. I currently work and teach with computers.

I work and teach with computers and high school students.
My hobbies/ interests include: playing Golf, training my body (running and body building),
fly fishing, computers, programming, beer, games, painting and more........
I enjoy getting email from people with similar hobbies... including the "and more" part.
So if you're even interested to know about that "more" part, just ask!

By the way, when I have a little free time you might even find the
carpenter/ craftsman in me working around adding something to my house.
One last thing for now... Welcome to be my friend on Facebook :-)

I hope you enjoy my homepage.

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